How to host an audit

Follow this general approach.

  1. Welcome the auditor
    • Set a constructive tone in your office and with the auditor
    • Use the audit as an opportunity to look critically at the program
  2. Educate the auditor
    • Program mission, goals, objectives and accomplishments
    • Constraints and obstacles
    • Efforts to correct previously noted problems
  3. Work with (help) the auditor
    • Selecting and setting the criteria
    • Interpreting the evidence
    • Diagnosing problems
  4. Be an open book
    • Set a tone of openness and transparency
    • Assist the auditor with data collection
    • Provide requested evidence
    • Make auditors aware of problems — don't make the auditors "find" them
  5. Make the auditor part of the solution
    • Enable the auditor to become your consultant
    • Listen to and learn from the auditor
    • Ask for best practices and proven solutions

Audit phases

Familiarize yourself with basic performance audit information. These audit phases include useful tools and resources to successfully host a performance audit.

  1. Planning phase
  2. Fieldwork or analysis phase
  3. Reporting phase
  4. Audit hearing and follow-up

Helpful tips

These resources offer valuable tips on hosting performance audits.