Adaptive Problem Solving

Session focus: 

daily problem solving, coaching

Have you ever found it hard to pin down the problem? Do problems sometimes change even before we have a chance to understand them? Adaptive problem solving is a strategy that adapts our thinking to address a problem as our understanding of it changes and evolves. Explore how the KATA coaching framework fits with Agile and GROW coaching models to give us the ability to think and act adaptively.  Through a hands-on experience, learn how to start with what you do now (current reality, good and bad), and begin with the end in mind (future oriented purpose and outcome) to create an adaptive roadmap to move forward.

Target Audience: 

Employee, Supervisor, Executive


Fariba Fuller
Continuous Improvement Director
Snohomish County Government

Fariba is an accomplished change agent and a versatile design thinker with proven success partnering with people at all organizational levels to identify, strategize, and execute on opportunities to reach a desired future state. Fariba is a huge lover of the arts and is currently engaged in PhD studies in Human and Organizational Systems Design. She believes in the potential of teams and knows first-hand that process redesign can be fun!

Lis McNicholl
Organization Transformation Coach
The Boeing Company

Lis is an organization transformation coach and innovative trainer. She weaves her experience in Agile, Lean, and Leadership Coaching to foster a productive workplace. Throughout her career she has mentored, coached, and trained leaders and teams. She finds delight in learning and growing with the people she serves. Lis holds a Master of Software Engineering and a Master of Arts in Organization Leadership.