Building an Intentional Culture

Session focus: 

Change leadership

“We want to be a learning organization.” “We are dedicated to continuous improvement.” “Our organization is highly collaborative.” Come learn helpful ways to build an intentional culture from any seat at the table—front line contributor to executive leader. Come hear how teams and organizations have learned to understand their culture and make intentional shifts toward a new shared vision. You’ll leave this session with ideas to implement the very next day!

Target Audience: 

Employee, Supervisor, Executive


Jennifer Haury
CEO/Organizational Anthropologist
All Angles Consulting

Jennifer Haury is an Organizational Anthropologist and Lean/Six Sigma Master Black Belt who brings a holistic approach to process improvement and leadership systems, primarily in the fields of healthcare transformation and local government. She is CEO and Principal Consultant for All Angles Consulting, LLC and a member of The Athena Group. Jennifer brings a passion and talent for understanding the important cultural aspects of an organization, department, team, or individual. She’s helped hundreds of teams and leaders transform their current culture into a culture of continuous improvement, a learning culture, or a highly collaborative culture. Jennifer’s work shows proven results in implementing lean/six sigma process improvement methodologies, leadership and executive coaching, strategic visioning and deployment, hoshin planning, ethnographic analysis, cultural assessment, change management, organizational development, systems design/implementation, and operations management. Jennifer also holds the coveted title of "Mom" to three amazing humans who have taught her the most about how to apply her professional learnings in a chaotic environment where a culture of continuous improvement is always in "learning lab" phase!