Changing Culture by Changing Thinking

Session focus: 

Change leadership, daily problem solving, coaching

This session will tell how the Strategic Planning team at Seattle Children’s Hospital has practiced daily problem solving in order to improve its ability to meet customer needs. Specific portions of the presentation will describe how the team identified customer requirements, identified and quantified the gaps in achieving those requirements, planned tightly-scoped experiments, and coached the team to use a problem solving process. The ultimate outcome isn’t just that the team is meeting customer requirements. Rather, the more important and lasting result is that team members are engaged and own the improvement efforts. This session will also highlight how the Senior Director practiced and learned new coaching behaviors, which was the primary factor in creating a problem solving culture within the team.

Target Audience: 

Employee, Supervisor, Executive


Vinay Thakorlal
Continuous Improvement Consultant
Seattle Children's Hospital

Vinay Thakorlal, Continuous Improvement Consultant, Seattle Children’s Hospital. Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management, Western Washington University. Background of practicing, implementing, and coaching lean in manufacturing, customer service, and healthcare industries.

Doran Newhart
Senior Director of Strategic Planning and Business Development
Seattle Children's Hospital

Doran Newhart, Senior Director of Strategic Planning and Business Development, Seattle Children’s Hospital. BS, Zoology/Biology, UC Davis. MBA, Marketing and Business Development, San Francisco State University, College of Business. Extensive background in strategy and business development, past roles include: President/CEO of Noetic Consulting, LLC, Director Strategy and Business Development, Sutter Health, VP Strategy and System Development, John Muir Health.