Communicating Results – If you’re explainin’ you ain’t gainin’

Session focus: 

Change leadership

Results don’t exist until they are actually delivered to people. That’s where communication comes in – or too often doesn’t. In this session, Peter Hutchinson, who has been leading transformational change in public organizations for over 3 decades, will discuss what he has learned about the power of effective communications to actually deliver the results produced by our process improvement and transformation programs. Attendees will leave with Peter’s top 10 list of lessons for effectively communicating results – each illustrated with a story from his personal experience – some about success, others not so much.


Peter Hutchinson

Peter Hutchinson focuses on solving the toughest problems faced by top decision makers wanting to deliver better results in government, nonprofit organizations and education. Most recently he led management consulting strategy for Accenture’s State, Provincial and Local Government practice throughout North America. In his career he has served as commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Finance, superintendent of schools in Minneapolis, a deputy mayor, corporate vice president at the Dayton Hudson Corporation (now Target) and as president of the Bush Foundation, one of Minnesota’s largest independent foundations. In 2006, he was a candidate for Governor in Minnesota. In all of these roles he has championed delivering better results with whatever resources are available through strategies that challenge the status quo and the resolution of tough policy problems. He has captured many of the lessons he has learned along the way in The Price of Government: Getting the Results We Need in an Age of Permanent Fiscal Crisis.