Creating Giants of Others: Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders From Today's New Hires

Session focus: 

Coaching practices, daily problem solving, trust, facilitation

John Fox said, “We hold people accountable so they can become dependable.” Coaching and training is more than just evaluating an employee’s performance; it’s developing an employee’s future with an organization. Join Professional Credit’s VP of Legal, Chris Bevans and COO, David Mort as they discuss the methods used at their organization to create outstanding employees. Using a combination of Lean practices, Vital Smart’s methodology, and the teachings of Dr. Eric Allenbaugh, Chris and David will walk you through everything from coaching on day 1 to coaching a bad fit. Join Chris and David to learn how to create dependable employees and leaders throughout your organization in this entertaining and informative presentation.

Target Audience: 

Supervisor, Executive


David Mort
Chief Operating Officer
Hawes Group

David Mort is the Chief Operating Officer for Professional Credit, a collection agency based in the Pacific Northwest. David has a background in Lean Management and is a certified executive coach. His leadership experience in the non-profit as well as the private sector has given him a unique perspective on resource management and performance training. David’s passion is helping others become great leaders.

Chris Bevans
Vice President of Legal
Hawes Group

Chris Bevans is the VP of Legal for Professional Credit, a collection agency based in the Pacific Northwest where he oversees the company’s legal activities including all attorneys and law clerks. He is licensed to practice law in Oregon and Idaho and has managed a private practice that provided expertise in many areas of law. He is also a certified Allenbaugh Coach. Chris places a high value on ethics and professionalism.