Hope Inspired Leadership

Session focus: 

Change leadership, coaching practices

Hope is the leading predictor of satisfaction and happiness in life. Research across multiple sectors shows that hope is correlated to goal achievement, physical health, academic performance and organizational productivity. Hope Theory offers insight into the essential role hope plays in organizational and personal effectiveness. Organizations with high hope leaders reach goals more often and sooner, experience higher productivity, have lower unplanned absences and less turnover and are more resilient to burnout and stress. Hope Theory also provides a path for creating a culture of problem solving, as an essential aspect of increasing hope in employees is building their problem-solving capacity to achieve the goals they set for themselves. This workshop will describe the foundation of hope theory and cover ways both presenters are using it to lead change in organizations.

Target Audience: 

Supervisor, Executive


Jon Tunheim
Prosecuting Attorney
Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney

Jon Tunheim is the elected Prosecuting Attorney for Thurston County. He joined the Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office as a legal intern in 1990, was appointed as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney after graduating law school and served the office in that capacity until elected Prosecuting Attorney in 2010. Jon currently serves on the board of United Way of Thurston County, is President of the Washington State Association of Drug Court Professionals and sits on the Washington State Sentencing Guidelines Commission. A student of Hope Theory, Jon describes himself as a servant-leader focusing on hope as a foundation for effective leadership and organizational success. Jon was recently named “Elected Official of the Year” by the Foster Parents Association of Washington State.  

Kelly Johnston
Clarity Consulting Partners

Kelly Johnston is a skilled and passionate professional focused on building healthy organizations that thrive. Her consulting expertise includes building strong individual skills through coaching, alignment within teams, organizational cultures that flourish, and the structures and systems needed for sustainable success. Kelly holds a master's degree in organizational development, which combined coursework from both MBA and graduate psychology programs. She works in the public and private sectors.