Hoshin Kanri and Daily Management

Session focus: 

Change leadership, daily problem solving, visual communication, coaching

“Hoshin Kanri and Daily Management” is a compound Lean concept; vital to successful management, and one of the best team-building and problem-solving tools in creating a Lean Culture. Loosely, Hoshin Kanri (aka “policy management”) is a top-down approach to define long-term plans and short-term policies for the company as a whole, while Daily Management ensures bottom-up activities support that Hoshin from every department. Combined, this methodology ensures synergy in the workplace; all employees aware of their own best practices and how their work affects the organization overall. During this session, Iwata-sensei will teach the basics to start implementing Hoshin Kanri and Daily Management for immediate measurable impact on your Lean Culture and Kaizen results; including creation of problem-solving and tracking tools such as “Daily Management Boards,” and even how to standardize and best utilize management’s “Gemba Walks.”

Target Audience: 

Supervisor, Executive


Takeshi Iwata
Shingijutsu Global Consulting USA Inc.

Takeshi Iwata has been working in Lean for 28 years beginning on the Kaizen Team at a major manufacturing company in Japan, later becoming a consultant for, and ultimately president of, Shingijutsu Global Consulting (the company that brought Lean and Kaizen out of Japan and pioneered consultancy thereof). Iwata has been pivotal in leading Kaizen and implementing Lean at over 100 organizations, in myriad industries and disciplines, across the globe – chief among these in Washington state include Boeing and its suppliers, Virginia Mason, and more.