Kanban and Scrum: what’s the difference, and which should you use?

Session focus: 

Daily problem solving

Although Kanban and Scrum had different origins (manufacturing vs. software) and evolved independently, increasingly we see teams taking a mix-and-match approach that combines elements of both methodologies in a way that works best with their real-world teams and real-world limitations – “Scrumban”. This breakout session helps both Kanban and Scrum practitioners (newbie and expert) who are curious about the other methodology understand the key differences. And, we will suggest that most teams should avoid the dogmatism of either pure Kanban or pure Scrum, and instead consider a hybrid approach that is practical, realistic, and will deliver results in the short-term, without requiring you to conjure up some impossibly wonderful dream team.

Target Audience: 

Employee, Supervisor, Executive


Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar is the founder and CEO of Kerika, a developer of work management software for Lean, Agile and distributed teams. Arun has over 30 years experience in software, consulting and financial services, spanning four continents. Prior to founding Kerika, Arun was Director of Program Management at Onvia, a consultant at Microsoft, a board member at Polopoly in Stockholm, founder of a stock exchange in London, and E-Business Strategist for Morgan Stanley’s investment banking and trading businesses in New York and London. Arun has sponsored and presented at the Lean Transformation Conference every year since 2014.