Leader, Leader How Does Your Garden Grow? Using daily management to fertilize a culture of problem solvers.

Session focus: 

Change leadership, daily problem solving, leading in conflict, visual communication, trust, facilitation, storytelling

The Virginia Mason Production System (VMPS) is a product of Virginia Mason's application of the Toyota Production System to a medical center. An important part of VMPS success at Virginia Mason Hospital Outpatient Surgery Center at Federal Way (OSC) has been creating and sustaining a culture of engagement and improvement. In this presentation, we will reflect on how we have grown the OSC culture of problem-solvers. Using real word examples, we will discuss how psychological safety in teams supports improvements in patients safety. We will describe the initiation of staff committees to drive improvement. We will walk the audience through the collaboration of several service lines across the organization to improve the surgical experience of patients on chronic opioid therapy. Additionally, we will present daily management techniques which have proven success in growing a culture of problem solvers.

Target Audience: 

Employee, Supervisor, Executive


Elizabeth Alley
nesthesiologist and Medical Director, Virginia Mason Medical Center Outpatient Surgery Center - Federal Way
Virginia Mason

Elizabeth is an Anesthesiologist and Medical Director of Virginia Mason Hospital Outpatient Surgery Center at Federal Way. Her travels to Japan to observe the Toyota Production System have fueled her desire to be an outstanding leader. She is currently exploring how empathy within learning organizations drives innovation, and she supports team growth by coaching daily problem solving. She is Lean Certified and has completed the Virginia Mason Kaizen Fellowship.                   

Shelly Randazzo RN, DNP©
Nurse Director, Virginia Mason Surgery Centers and Wound Care
Virginia Mason

Shelly has completed lean training "VMPS for Leaders" within Virginia Mason (VM). Her goal as a leader is to engage teams in continuous daily improvement by fostering problem solving. She is currently a student at Seattle University completing her Doctorate in Nursing. She has implemented the principles of Transformational Leadership in her tenure as a leader within VM.  Shelly's leadership strategy aligns lean principles with transformational leadership elements, essential to sustained improvement measures.