Lean Thinking 4.0

Session focus: 

Change leadership, facilitation, daily problem solving, storytelling

Lean Thinking has taken its rightful place in the effort to improve efficiency in manufacturing. However, it is not fulfilling its potential in many areas, most notably with knowledge workers. This is due to a fundamental flaw in how Lean is presented and utilized. With a better constructed approach, Lean can be of value in nonproduction environments, including improving the efficiency and effectiveness of how people interact; a true boon to every business. For Lean Thinking, one size does not fit all. Lean Thinking 4.0 is the latest evolution of Lean, enabling organizations to apply Lean tools and concepts to their most valuable resource, people.

Target Audience: 

Employee, Supervisor, Executive


Robert Brown
Collective Wisdom, Inc.

Bob Brown is a certified Lean Leader with over 45 years of performance enhancement experience including professional and Olympic athletes, large and small organizations, and large and small Lean projects. Dr. Brown has specialized in the people side of Lean Thinking in addition to process improvement. This enables superior employee engagement and significantly improved sustainability. Highlights include a one-session problem-solving consultation over coffee that resulted in yearly two million dollar savings and a weeklong kaizen workshop that reduced a process from an erratic one-three months to the majority being completed in 90 minutes. The key to both was Dr. Brown’s ability to help people see problems differently and to solve the problems with their “collective wisdom.”