Planning the Future of Your Enterprise Inside a Lean Performance Management System

Session focus: 

Change leadership, visual communication, coaching, performance management

Take the learning as a way of leading to the Next Level of Lean and build meaningful sustainment of lean practices and develop a Lean Performance Management System. The Next Level of Lean is to have change agents in each area to learn the theory and the practice of creating a sustainable performance management system that identifies areas for improvement, creates meaningful measures for success, and builds accountability to ensure results are achieved. This session will include learning and practical application in these areas:
• Background of the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) Lean journey
• Objectives of Performance Management
• Skill assessment tool for Lean practitioners
• Data from an assessment of the use of Lean practices at L&I
• Specific Lean competencies, skills, and abilities for every level of the enterprise.

Target Audience: 

Supervisor, Executive


Nathan Petty
Director of Lean
Department of Labor and Industries

Nathan Petty has been called a "Relationship Systems Integrator" for his ability to help leaders, teams, and professionals connect the dots between leadership skills, team performance, relationships with clients and customers, and business results. Nathan is a Certified Lean Leadership Coach, Certified Lean Problem Solving Practitioner, and Certified Trainer for VSM Value Stream Management. His certifications from the Board of the Senseis are equivalent to a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Nathan has a Bachelor’s degree from, and is Adjunct Faculty for, the MPA program at The Evergreen State College.

Mary Reister
Senior Lean Development Consultant
Department of Labor and Industries

Mary is a Senior Lean Development Consultant in the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) Lean Transformation Office where she leads operational excellence for the agency. Mary provides executive coaching, consultation, training, and change management methods, while delivering sustainable results. Mary is a Certified Lean Leadership Coach, a Certified Value Stream Mapping Trainer, and a Certified Lean Problem Solving Practitioner. Her certifications from the Honsha Associates Board of the Senseis are equivalent to a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Mary is a Gold Elite level trainer for Crucial Conversations, a certified Executive Coach, and certified in the Change Management process with Prosci methodologies and tools.