StoryTelling Isn’t Just for Bed Time Anymore. The power of personal Storytelling at work to spark insight, inspire change, and innovation

Session focus: 


Storytelling, done well, humanizes the workplace. Stories transport and transform us to a different perspective and a deeper understanding. All of us have stories to tell. Many of us have told our favorite stories over and over again. It’s in our bones! During this session, we will discuss the importance of storytelling, the basic structure of storytelling, how to tell meaningful stories at work and what you can do to make storytelling part of your culture.

Target Audience: 

Employee, Supervisor, Executive


Mitch Ditkoff
Co-founder & President
Idea Champions

Mitch Ditkoff is the co-founder and President of Idea Champions, a highly acclaimed management consulting and training company, headquartered in Woodstock, NY. He specializes in helping forward thinking organizations go beyond business as usual and establish dynamic, sustainable cultures of innovation. Educated at Lafayette College and Brown University, Mitch has worked with a wide variety of Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies who have realized the need to do something different in order to succeed in today's rapidly changing marketplace. These clients include: GE, Merck, AT&T, Allianz, Lucent Technologies, NBC Universal, Goodyear, A&E Television Networks, General Mills, MTV Networks, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and a host of others. In 2010 and 2011, Mitch was voted as the #1 innovation blogger in the world and is now a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. His widely read blog, The Heart of Innovation, is a daily destination for a global audience of movers and shakers. Additionally, Mitch is the author of the recently published STORYTELLING AT WORK: How Moments of Truth Reveal the Real Business of Life.

Tracy O’Rourke
Managing Partner & Executive Advisor

Tracy O’Rourke got her start as a Six Sigma Black Belt at GE Appliances in the late 1990s with Jack Welch at the helm. After a Black Belt career at GE, she became a Lean Six Sigma Consultant and has helped many organizations with all aspects of Lean Six Sigma. She is a Managing Partner at and Co-Founder of Integris Performance Advisors. Tracy is an accomplished facilitator, trainer, coach and presenter. She has trained over 2,000 people, mentored 500+ people and has helped complete 400+ projects with results that range between $50,000 and $12 million dollars in savings. Tracy is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt instructor at UCSD and teaches in the Lean Enterprise program at SDSU. She lives in San Diego California with her husband and two boys 14 & 9 years old.                                                                                                   

Elisabeth Swan
Managing Partner & Executive Advisor

Elisabeth Swan is a Managing Partner and Executive Advisor at She got her start in the 1980s with a consulting firm that pioneered Lean techniques. During the mid-1990’s, Elisabeth was an instructor for dozens of GE lines of business. Elisabeth has trained thousands of people and continues to help organizations complete hundreds of projects in various industries including the hospitality, healthcare, telecommunications, and financial services. Elisabeth is a certified Master Black Belt and teaches Lean Six Sigma at University of California at San Diego (UCSD).