Talk Data to Me: Data Literacy for Non-Data Scientists

Session focus: 

Daily problem solving, visual communication, trust, storytelling, data science

Today more people’s jobs depend on data than ever before. But the barrier to working with data remains high, and even the best communicators have trouble sharing their insights about data. This session will explore how organizations can increase data literacy, so that public servants at every level can use data more effectively.

Target Audience: 

Employee, Supervisor, Executive


Adnan Mahmud
Founder and CEO

Adnan Mahmud is the founder and CEO of LiveStories, a company driving outreach and better decisions using civic data—how communities live, work, and play. LiveStories all-in-one data platform makes it easy to analyze local data, get benchmarks, and create interactive stories. Customers span government, public health, and business, including the Department of Defense, Gates Foundation, California Health and Human Services Agency, Maricopa County, and many local health departments. Prior to founding LiveStories, Mahmud focused on data during his 8 years at Microsoft where he managed the two biggest data pipelines for the company and obtained several patents around data analysis and visualization. He also ran incubation projects at Microsoft Research, contributing technologies to such Microsoft products as Office, Windows, XBox Kinect, and Bing. In addition to founding LiveStories, Mahmud co-founded, a nonprofit focused on supporting up-and-coming social entrepreneurs around the world.