Using Visual Management to Create an Organization of Problem Solvers and Achieve Results

Visual management practices have been used in the Government of Saskatchewan to create a learning organization focused on problem solving, building staff engagement, and improving success towards reaching strategic goals and operational excellence.  Examples of cascading visual management practices from a variety of sectors will be presented which how the connections between the efforts of every employee to top strategic and operational priorities.  The focus will be on the impact they have had on driving improved outcomes for citizens, staff engagement, successes and challenges, and lessons learned. 

Target Audience: 

Employee, Supervisor, Executive


Trish Livingstone
Chief of Strategy Management
Government of Saskatchewan

Ms. Trish Livingstone is currently the manager leading planning and continuous improvement efforts in the Ministry of Justice at the Government of Saskatchewan. Previously, she led the team that initiated the provincial deployment of the Lean Management System in the province’s health system and 13 regional health authorities.  Following that, she provided strategic advice, coaching, and training on Lean to all 22 ministries of government. She has 20 years of experience with the Saskatchewan public service in planning, policy development and quality improvement.  Trish has a Master of Arts degree in Applied Social Psychology, with specialization in research, evaluation and organizational development. She has completed an intensive Lean Leader Certification program that involved 120 days of training, hands-on learning, and coaching over an 18-month period.  She also has certifications in executive leadership and change management.