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Find past performance reports

Under former Gov. Gregoire's administration, regular, public accountability forums were conducted on key policy areas including:

Economic Vitality

Measured the results of state-supported programs that affect the economy, such as job training, business assistance programs and local infrastructure construction project financing.


Measured the performance of state agencies reporting to the Governor, and includes areas of early learning and higher education.

Health Care

Measured the results of state health care programs, including issues of access, quality and cost.

Natural Resources

Measured the performance in two primary areas: preserving the Puget Sound and reforming certain activities in natural resources agencies as directed by the governor through Executive Order 09–07.

Government Efficiency

Measured efforts initiated by the governor or an agency to improve efficiency, effectiveness and service to citizens.

Vulnerable Children and Adults

Measured the results of social service programs in the departments of Early Learning, Social & Health Services and Veterans Affairs.

Public Safety

Measured the performance of state activities to improve the safety of people and property.


Measured key performance areas related to interstates and state highways, the state ferry system and more than 3,500 bridges and related structures.