It’s been a month.

How’s Your “One Thing” Going?


Just where did January 2020 go?? It’s been a month since we began this new year, launching into the 20’s with optimism and the best of intentions.

We discussed what One Thing we would do to Make 2020 More Human at the December gathering and many of you shared your intentions. And many of you answered with emails and messages describing your intentions and resolve. So many of you are taking bold, loving actions. You are showing up in your humanity to make a difference and to invite others to do the same. Every message from you is encouragement as we gain momentum in this movement to create a more humane and effective way of working and being.

Here’s a sample what you shared, passing it back along to you all for encouragement. Your “One Things” included to:

  • Be true to myself in everything I do.
  • Be more conscious with my words and thoughts.
  • “Play bigger,” to more fully step into my power and do what is mine to do.
  • Always consider inclusion and equity in my work with clients and their organizations. More human centered for me has to mean all humans, especially women, people of color, LGBTQ folks, and people with disabilities.
  • Be a better listener.
  • Think first in love before I reply in speech.
  • Show myself more grace, treating myself with the same love that explodes from my heart for other people. I think that in doing so, I will become a better version of me.
  • Be less judgmental.
  • Help people connect authentically with those who matter most to them.
  • Think first in love before I verbally reply.
  • Take more care of myself in regards to my work-life, so that I'll be less frustrated by work, and more capable of listening with my heart.
  • Be a better listener.
  • Make space for more reflection on how I can be more intentional about everything and in everything. My word of focus for this year? Grow!

What a beautiful list from an amazing group of humans. So how are you doing with your intentions, with your One Thing?

With one month behind us, why not take a few minutes today, to reflect on your commitment to your One Thing…to listening, to love, to inclusion, to self-care, to less judgment, to grace?

As we begin February, reflect and consider, have you noticed anything? What’s helped you live your One Thing? What’s made it hard? What have you learned so far? What impacts have you seen? What will you do this month, just this month, to continue to pursue that One Thing?

This really is about the pursuit, you know. It is not about perfection or even attainment. We will never be perfect but sometimes we will live our intentions, certainly more often than if we weren’t pursuing this at all. We may sometimes let ourselves or others down, but sometimes we will hit the mark and have loving impact! We may forget sometimes, but sometimes we will remember and it will make all the difference. When we fall short, we can always reset, ask forgiveness if needed, start again. We can continue the pursuit of a more loving and human world. Your One Thing matters toward that end.

Interesting and fun that February 2, 2020 (02/02/2020) was a once in 909 year global palindrome. What a perfect and auspicious day, when the date itself looks backward and forward, to take a nudge and look backward and forward on our intentions for Making 2020 More Human!