Human Workplace Olympia Meets July 26th To Explore Emotions at Work

Renée Smith

A Human Workplace Olympia meets July 26th from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. at the Helen Sommers Building. The topic will be “Exploring Emotions in the Workplace.”

Emotions are part of our make up as human beings, yet it's become a norm to "leave our emotions at the door" when we come to work. But is that reasonable? And if we are going to welcome people bring their "whole selves to work" then what about the emotional aspects of our humanity? At A Human Workplace Olympia we will explore questions related to human emotions in the workplace. 

What are feelings and emotions? 

What beneficial role can these play at work? And what can be the down side of emotions? 

How can we manage these dynamics to both welcome whole people and achieve our best performance? 

What skills do leaders and team members need for emotions to be effective in the workplace? 

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