A Human Workplace Seattle meets September 20th

September 20th is the last day of summer and a perfect time to gather outside on Seattle University’s beautiful grounds (rain or shine!) to experience the Science of Awe and its benefits.

Please join host and founder of A Human Workplace, Renee Smith, for an awe-inspiring experience. We’ll meet at the Reflection Pool outside of the Chapel of St. Ignatius, on the Seattle University Campus, 901 12th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122.

We humans experience awe when we encounter nature, art, vistas, large structures, and more. And fortunately, the Seattle U campus has many of these! Studies show that experiencing awe can promote altruism, well-being, calm, creativity, collaboration, and kindness. When we have a sense of something greater than ourselves, we are more cooperative, positive and helpful towards others.

At this meeting we will learn about the science of awe, reflect on times of awe, experience inspiration in our surroundings and ponder how intentionally practicing awe can support positive actions toward others as well as support personal well-being. Consider how these insights can be practically applied at work to create a more effective and human workplace.

Register today on EventBrite where there is information about accessibility, parking, and more. Hope to see you there!

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