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Design Thinking Projects

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Design Thinking Projects

We’re exploring ways to improve both customer and employee experience. Check back for project updates and results.

How might we encourage early and on time reporting for annual public disclosure filing?

  • Project Summary: Applying behavioral insights using A/B testing to determine what interventions impact compliance.
  • Project partner – Office of Financial Management
  • Status – Analyzing results

How might we get useful, real-time customer feedback to improve experiences and outcomes?

  • Project Summary: Testing prototype of “Feedback Friend” concept to collect customer feedback. Feedback Friend is designed to capture customer experience feedback through both voice recordings and traditional survey methods.
  • Project partners – Northeastern University and the Department of Enterprise Services – Surplus Store. Northeastern university students will analyze survey results, looking for patterns using machine learning and developing a methodology to predict customer experiences.
  • Status – project in progress.


How might we encourage Washingtonians to prepare for emergencies?

  • Project Summary: Conducting a study to learn more about emergency preparedness behavior, attitudes, and the effectiveness of current preparedness marketing materials.
  • Research and project partner – University of Washington Human Centered Design & Engineering
  • Status – Postponed due to low study recruitment and faculty sabbatical. Results Washington is exploring an alternate strategy to continue the project.