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Ensuring Access To Quality Healthcare

Key to improving the health and lives of all Washingtonians is increasing access to healthcare. Having insurance is a critical part of access and a predictor of regular primary health care.

Survey data from the federal Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFFSS) in 2004-06 shows that 82 percent of Washington residents with health insurance reported having a Health Care Provider compared with only 41 percent for uninsured adults.

Factors That Influence Access To Healthcare

Affordability: Average premiums in WA state rose by nearly 14 percent in 2016-17.    

Supply of health care providers: A shortage of health care providers across the spectrum, from nursing assistants to specialty care physicians, is a barrier for accessing healthcare. 

Culturally-competent care: Patient-centered care and cultural competence has a direct, positive impact on health care quality.  

Technology: The need for telehealth and remote patient monitoring is growing as an effective method for increasing access, particularly as a result of specialty care shortages and geographic disparities.

What We Are Doing To Deliver Results

For any questions or comments please email us at results@gov.wa.gov.

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Objective: Decrease The Uninsured Rate

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