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Decrease the percentage of negative responses to the survey question "People are treated fairly in my work group"

Negative responses are defined as the sum of survey respondents who answered "Never or Almost Never" and "Seldom" to question 17 on the Employee Engagement Survey.

Supplemental Information

2016 Statewide Employee Engagement Survey Question 17 Responses: People are treated fairly in my work group.

  • Overall, 74 agencies, boards and commissions participated in the survey, representing 99.9 percent of the executive branch workforce.
  • 37,325 employees took the survey, for a response rate of 61 percent.

According to the 2016 Employee Engagement Report, job satisfaction was higher in 2016 than ever before.

Survey responses indicated that fair treatment is one of four employee engagement topic areas that strongly predict job satisfaction.

Why is this a priority?

Fair treatment in the workplace is a key component of an equitable and inclusive work environment.

How are we doing?

The 2016 Employee Engagement Survey is the first to ask this question. Overall, 73 percent of responses to this question were positive, which includes the choices "Usually" and "Always or Almost Always."

What are we working on?
  • Monitoring and improving the HR Employee Engagement Toolkit. Launched in May 2015 to build and support HR’s capacity to improve employee engagement, State HR, with oversight from the HR Development Working Committee, will work with agency partners to improve this product based on user feedback.
  • Building upon leadership competencies identified by agencies to ensure leaders have a shared understanding of expectations.
Additional resources

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Multiple employee and business resource groups, including the ethnic commissions, LGBTQ ERG, Veterans ERG, Latino Leadership Network, Washington Immigrant Network and the Individuals with Disabilities ERG, now in development.

Reported by: State Human Resources, Office of Financial Management