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High school graduates who during the 3rd quarter after graduation are either enrolled in post-secondary education or training or are employed in Washington

Data source: Education Research and Data Center

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Why is this a priority?

Our states high school graduates need to make a successful transition to employment or postsecondary education. This benefits both the student and the community that surrounds them. The purpose of our states high school diploma is to enable students to be “career and college ready,” this measure is the first glimpse at our states ability to adhere to that purpose. Of the 61,597 high school completers included in this analysis, over 11,700 individuals struggled to find work or attachment to postsecondary education and training within the 3rd quarter after high school completion. Lack of work or continued education leads to lower lifetime earnings, increased dependency or state and federal assistance programs, and decreased revenue collections for the state.

How are we doing?

Recent changes in state graduation requirements and the adoption of a statewide list of Career and Technical Education to academic course equivalencies create more opportunities for Washington students to take challenging and relevant course work while still in high school. This will better prepare students for success in postsecondary education and training or the workforce, depending on their individual goals and aspirations.

What are we working on?

Students and families need better information about the multiple pathways to success that await them after high school completion. With a full spectrum of opportunities that include short-term certificate training to long-term academic study, students must receive adequate guidance and counseling as they develop their individual plan for success. The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, in collaboration with the State Board of Education, the Washington Student Achievement Council, and the Workforce Board, are exploring how best to convey information about postsecondary education, training, and the workforce to students. This effort includes not only the information, but also the tools and resources necessary to support students as they develop a detailed plan for success following high school completion.

How can you help?
  • Value the importance of all post-secondary pathways that can lead to gainful employment and self-sufficiency.
  • Encourage students and families to develop detailed individual plans for success following high school completion.
  • Share your personal pathway to success by mentoring students through in class lectures, work site visits, job shadows, internships, or apprenticeships.
  • Honor and promote all levels of education and work that lead to success and self-sufficiency.
  • Support public policies that promote the value of work and encourage young people to explore the world of work.
Reported by: Workforce and Education Training Board