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Increase Average MPG of Agency Fleets

Why is this a priority?

Increasing the fuel efficiency of the vehicles driven by the state agencies will reduce the fuel consumed, the associated greenhouse gases, and the cost of fuel.

How are we doing?

Currently state agencies have replaced many passenger vehicles with high mpg hybrid sedans and are beginning to use bio-diesel in vehicles. State contracts identify the fuel efficiency of the vehicles available for purchase. There is also a continued increase in the use of teleconferencing and other travel reduction programs.

What are we working on?

State agencies are purchasing more fuel efficient vehicles, downsizing vehicles, using biofuels, video conferencing, and reducing miles traveled. 2014 fuel consumption data will be available in the summer of 2015.We are currently working with Fish and Wildlife to consolidate their vehicles. We will be replacing their older vehicles with more efficient vehicles. We are confident we will meet this goal.

How can you help?