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What's Ahead at Results Washington

 We have been busy these past few months and want to share information about what we are doing and where we are headed for 2022.

Our strategic framework, released in December 2021, is focused on three key strategic objectives:


  1. Position RW to serve as a small-scale project management office (PMO “lite”) within the Gov’s office.
  1. Highlight agency performance in partnership with agency experts and in line with agency strategic priorities. 
  1. Focus intentional effort on Lean/Continuous Improvement for modern times and modern needs. 

For more information about what’s ahead at Results Washington, watch this video and/or read these slides to learn about this exciting work.

The calendar for all 2022 Public Performance Review meetings is being finalized and a link with registration and dates will be added shortly.

Please email for any questions or for further conversation.

Results Washington was established by Governor Jay Inslee in 2013 through Executive Order 13-04, building on a long Washington state history of leading the charge in public-sector performance management and continuous improvement.

Our Vision is to be a: Collaborative partner championing the best results for the great state of Washington.

Our Mission is to: Improve state government by approaching complex issues through collaboration, performance management, and continuous improvement.

The Core Values guiding our way:

People Matter – We foster an inclusive culture that sees diversity as integral to success along with humility and respect for each other. We recognize the importance of the lived human experience of our partners, their clients and customers, and our team.

Resources Matter – We are accountable and transparent, and serve as good stewards of state resources – our own and those of our partners. We are committed to managing our resources in a way that is consistent with expectations for any state agency.

Ideas Matter – We value innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness as well as fact-based decision-making in our work while also capitalizing on those efforts and approaches that have proven effective over time.

Teamwork Matters – We do everything we can to build trust with our partners and across our team by fostering teamwork, demonstrating open communication, and remaining flexible and adaptable to meet our partner and team needs.

Our work is driven by the Governor’s five Goal areas: