Washington state government has a long history of leading the charge in public-sector performance improvement. Leadership engagement and ongoing investment in performance management systems and tools reflects a state government culture committed to delivering better results. Results Washington is the latest iteration of this performance management system. Our mission is to create a more responsive, data driven, and human centered government. 

Outcome Measures

Results Washington works with state agencies and others to track and report data for key issues facing the state.

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The January Results Review on Pediatric Behavioral Health includes presentations on challenges and promising strategies to support mental health in early childhood. Presenters specifically addressed

  • Who needs BH services, but is not receiving them and why
  • How improving care coordination and the integration of physical and behavioral health services can help children and families who are facing the most challenges earlier

To watch the full presentation click on the following link: TVW Recording 

The January Results Review on Pediatric Behavioral Health is the first in a series for Results Reviews that focus on promising strategies to support mental health in childhood and as youth transition to adulthood. In February, we will discuss youth involved with the state justice system and programs and strategies that aim to boost their resilience and help reduce recidivism. In March we will address the transition from high school to post-secondary education or careers and how to ensure young adults don’t get lost in that transition.

At the annual Washington State Government Lean Transformation Conference, hosted by Results Washington (part of the governor's office), we share ideas and inspiration about using Lean thinking in government. Check out our 2019 program for more details about this years conference.