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Washington state government has a long history of leading the charge in public-sector performance improvement. Leadership engagement and ongoing investment in performance management systems and tools reflects a state government culture committed to delivering better results. Results Washington is the latest iteration of this performance management system. Our mission is to create a more responsive, data driven, and human centered government. 

Outcome Measures

Results Washington works with state agencies and others to track and report data for key issues facing the state.

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The February Results Review focused on reducing recidivism by increasing the resilience of youth in our Juvenile Rehabilitation system. We learned about how complex stress and trauma creates patterns in the brain that lead to unhealthy behaviors, as well as what communities can do to build resilient youth. We had an overview of current data, rates of substance use disorder, and behavioral health treatment needs as well as learned how youth from Green Hill School are directly impacting the trauma-informed training of staff. We also learned about guided pathways for skill-building and educational opportunities that lead to employment, and heard from a young man who has successfully completed those programs. Finally, the Office of Homeless Youth talked about how youth who’ve experienced housing instability while transitioning out of state systems of care were able to co-design solutions to problems they’ve faced.

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At the annual Washington State Government Lean Transformation Conference, hosted by Results Washington (part of the governor's office), we share ideas and inspiration about using Lean thinking in government. Check out our 2019 program for more details about this years conference.