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Why is this a priority?

Reducing homelessness is a priority because people who become homeless are at dramatically high risk of dying and are less able to engage in productive work or improve their education. Reducing homelessness reduces public spending on expensive medical, mental health, and criminal justice interventions related to homelessness.

How are we doing?

The count of homeless people counted has declined 19% since 2006 due to increased investments focused on effective strategies guided by improved performance data collection.

What are we working on?

Expand the use of short-term rent assistance in private market units to house people who are homeless (rapid-rehousing).

Focus the use of existing transitional housing to serve the small portion of homeless people who have high needs and are chronically homeless.

How can you help?

The contacts in the following link help coordinate the local networks of community-based and faith-based organizations working to reduce homelessness in Washington State: