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Reported by: Department of Social and Health Services

Supplemental Information
Why is this a priority?

Stopping the cycle of abuse and neglect is critical for the ongoing safety and well being of children. Children and families that come to the attention of the department should receive the services they need, to ensure children are not re-abused.

How are we doing?

This measure has been adjusted to align with a key federal measure which requires us to look at recurrence from a longer-range perspective. This will result in a broader net of identification of recurrence issues which will ultimately benefit children. The baseline and target have also been adjusted.


(The 12 month period reported is the period of the first founded allegation. Each data point shows the recurrence for the most recently available 12 month period. The measure is calculated 18 months after the end of the reporting period.)


What are we working on?

The safety of children is everyone's responsibility and you can play a part. If you believe there is a problem, you must call to report it.

Child Abuse/Neglect report line: (866) END-HARM (363-4276)

How to Report Child Abuse or Neglect

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