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Archived: Decrease the rate of extremely serious worker injuries that lead to hospitalizations

Data source: WA State Department of Labor & Industries Data Warehouse and the Department of Health's Comprehensive Abstract Reporting System (CHARS).

Definition: WC claims linked to in-patient hospitalizations in CHARS. Rates adjusted to 2012 industry mix. Hours worked. Quarter rates utilize preliminary data*

Supplemental Information
Why is this a priority?

It is imperative that severe injuries that result in work-related hospitalizations are prevented. Essentially all workplace fatalities, hospitalizations and severe injuries are preventable.

Work-related hospitalizations are sentinel events that allow us to focus prevention activities on high-risk job hazards, high-risk injury types and high-risk industries.

How are we doing?

Our most recent data shows that work-related hospitalization trends have been decreasing in Washington State. We have partnered with the Department of Health to collect complete information and history on work-related hospitalizations and are able to report out on this measure for the first time this spring.

What are we working on?

L&I continues to focus on reducing the number of work-related hospitalizations. Ongoing efforts include:

  • Improving employer reporting of severe work-related hospitalization to L&I's Division of Occupational Safety and Health through employer outreach and education.
  • Acting upon hospitalization reports received to ensure the original hazards have been eliminated to prevent other employees from getting hurt.
  • Using information about the nature of hazards for educational partnerships with business and labor to increase safety at other worksites.
How can you help?

There are many ways to contribute to safe workplaces, and ultimately reduce the number of work-related hospitalizations, including:

  • Talk openly about safety at work.
  • Learn how to recognize and prevent unsafe working conditions.
  • Help create a safe workplace by participating on your employer's safety committee.
  • Work together - employers working in partnership with their employees leads to successful safety and health systems.

Reported by: Department of Labor and Industries