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Archived: Emergent Child Protective Service Intakes

Why is this a priority?

Children who have been identified as possible victims of child abuse in emergent cases need to be seen quickly to make sure they are safe.

How are we doing?

Since December 2010 we've stayed within 1.1% of the June 30, 2015 target. We continue to strive to meet the target.

What are we working on?
  • Ongoing monitoring of response times to make sure children are seen within 24 hours
  • Focus on completing investigations so workload supports seeing children in a timely manner
  • Provided staff with improved tools for identifying ongoing threats to child safety and improved tools for identifying and managing threats to child safety
  • An in depth qualitative analysis of visits that occurred outside of the 24 hour time frame during a one year period is being completed and will be used to identify additional practice or procedure improvement strategies.
  • We are exploring automated solutions that will identify and/or provide reminders of due dates and times to support seeing child victims timely.
How can you help?

The safety of children is everyone's responsibility and you can play a part. If you believe there is a problem, you must call to report it.

Child Abuse/Neglect report line: (866) END-HARM (363-4276)

How to report child abuse or neglect: http://www.dshs.wa.gov/ca/safety/abuseReport.asp?2