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Archived: Increase the employment rate for working age people with disabilities

Supplemental Information
Why is this a priority?

Washington state is committed to boosting the employment of individuals with disabilities in all sectors of the economy. And we support individuals' with disabilities employment as part of our efforts to rebuild a robust economy and return to full employment.

How are we doing?

Yellow: The employment rate for people with disabilities in Washington was 36.8 percent in 2015.

What are we working on?
  • Support and implement recommendations of the Governor's Task Force on Disability Employment.
  • Support the "Disability Equity Index Survey" as a self assessment tool.
  • Continue to focus on state IT procurement processes to ensure vendors are making their systems fully accessible.
  • Prepare individuals with disability for employment by helping them adjust to their disability, use assistive technology, explore careers, train or retrain for jobs and gain competitive job skills, conduct job searches and stabilize their employment.
  • Continue to focus on preparing transition age youth with disability through summer youth employment programs, college prepatory programs and internships.
  • Continued support of the Talent Acquisition Portal (TAP) to provide an on-line job match system, populated by qualified people with disabilities, that employers can access for recruitment and hiring.
  • Through WorkSource, connect more individuals with disabilities to workplace experience, internships and workplace skills.
  • Maintain partnership with the Department of Social and Health Services' Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.
  • Complete workforce development (WorkSource) support system, including integrated job posting, job seeker management, career management, employer tax, and benefits payments functions - with emphasis on mobility, security, employer and job seeker singular interface and data sharing.
  • Increase accessibility by providing all materials in an electronic format, and begin to offer Wi-Fi connectivity so people can bring their own mobile devices to access WorkSource resources.
  • Implement Lean-based principles, employee-driven continuous improvement and employee skills training across the workforce development system.
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