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Archived: Increase the percent of Results Washington outcome measures and leading indicators on track

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Why is this a priority?

A government focused on key goals and accountability will help strengthen our economy, improve our schools and make Washington an ideal place to live and do business. By setting clear goals and continually tracking results, the state will be better equipped to engage its employees, partners and the public in building a healthier, better-educated and more prosperous Washington. Washingtonians expect their tax dollars to be put to the best possible use. That means investing in state services that are the most important to them, providing those services with excellence and then making results easily available to the public.

Five goals area tie into Washington State's Strategic Framework . Within each of those goal areas, outcome measures were developed that demonstrate our commitment to using Lean management principles to deliver customer satisfaction, employee engagement and innovation, and transparency and accountability. Tracking the number of measures on target is an essential component of monitoring success.

How are we doing?

53 state agencies and commissions are reporting on approximately 192 measures in five (5) goal areas within Results Washington efforts.

  • 104 performance measure are currently on track.
  • 24 performance measures have target dates of 2015 and 64 with 2016 dates. In most cases the measure have not been updated due to a lag in data.

Private and non-profit partners are coming to the table to jointly discuss and collaborate on strategies to improve performance.

What are we working on?
  • Monthly goal council meetings with agency directors and partners to review, discuss and identify performance gaps and strategies to improve performance.
  • Collaborating with partners to improve results.
  • Working with agencies to require action plans on all measures.
  • Reviewing and providing improvement plan guidance to agencies.
How can you help?

For additional information on the progress of the goals and measures, visit the Results Washington website.


Archived Reports:

Increase users who access the Results Washington website by 10% by September 2015 - Archived November 2015