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Archived: Increase Percentage of State Employees Completing Lean Training

Data Source: Agency reported data

Data Notes: This data is self reported by agencies and could include double counting and represents both past and present employees. Data clean up efforts resulted in a lower baseline for 2015 measure.

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Why is this a priority?

Employees are responsible to improve work processes to achieve results in a lean culture. We provide on-going opportunities to facilitate employee learning about how to solve problems to improve work processes. An increasingly knowledgeable and skilled workforce demonstrates progress in the journey to create better value for more Washingtonians.

How are we doing?

We exceeded our targeted number and percentage of lean-trained employees for the year ending December 31, 2015. Through June 30, 2016, the cumulative total of lean lean-trained employees is 33,330. We expect this number to level off through 2016 as agencies clean up their data to reflect current employees and remove duplicate instances of training.

What are we working on?
  • Working with DES to improve data and reporting through the enterprise Learning Management System
  • Publishinga Lean projects web page
  • Producing an annual Lean conference informing and reporting about Lean
  • Supporting development of Lean training coursework
For More Information

Go to this site http://www.results.wa.gov/goals-progress/tracking-progress/results/government-results

Reported by: Results Washington (data submitted by agencies)

bmitted by agencies)