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Archived: Increase the variety of data available on state portals

Data source: Staff survey of state data portals, including data.wa.gov, geography.wa.gov, etc.

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Why is this a priority?

The scope of a the state's responsibilities is very broad, and state agencies support a wide array of communities. A broad variety of datasets from many agencies affords the citizen, company or community user of our open data assets a good indication of the diversity of our services. A growing number of accurate and supported datasets also indicates adoption of open data principles by more programs and staff.

How are we doing?

We set a goal for FY2016 to increase the variety of state data by 10% by June 30; we fell short of that goal by 28 datasets.

With new agencies reporting open data efforts in 2017 we expect to see a 10% increase by June 30, 2017

Washington state's general purpose data portal, data.wa.gov, offers a broader variety of datasets than peer states like Oregon and Missouri, more than cities like Seattle, but tiny compared to national and multinational data platforms like data.gov. Washington's geospatial portal, geography.wa.gov, offers a variety of datasets comparable to peer states like Oregon, and with recent additions is able to integrate tabular data from data.wa.gov.


State of Oregon open data

State of Missouri open data

Federal Gov't data portal

What are we working on?


How can you help?

Check out, use and contribute to the state's existing data portals:

Track Open Data measures through Results WA -- Variety | Planning | Impact

Reported by: Office of the Chief Information Officer, WaTech