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Archived: Maintain a rate of return to homelessness

Supplemental Information
Why is this a priority?

Homeless crisis response systems should attempt to exit people to stable situations, and set-up ongoing engagement to prevent are-occurrence of homelessness. As more higher-need people are served by the system (see other measure) this number may increase, but the goal is to keep it below 12%.

How are we doing?

We are on track with both measures, and have a contract management and technical assistance plan to keep on track.

What are we working on?

These and other measures are written into the contracts that fund local homeless crisis response systems. The data on performance against these measures is available online for grantees and others to monitor progress:


Grantees/communities not achieving the contracted measures enter into corrective action plans that include technical assistance. Ongoing failure to perform at a level consistent with peer counties can result in a reduction of funding or termination of our contract.

How can you help?

This website includes a description of problem, thestrategic plan, and related performance data:


This page provides contact information for local systems forthose wanting to learn more about local efforts:


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