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Why is this a priority?

It is important to create an environment for economic growth to be achieved throughout the entire state. Focusing on job growth in areas that have fewer resources and capacity is critical for Washington State’s overall economic health. This also relates to the state’s goals around transportation, ensuring we do not have disproportionate growth centralized in urban cores.

How are we doing?

Green: Rural employment represented 19.4 percent of total statewide employment for 2016.

While we are currently meeting our goal for rural employment in relation to urban employment the recent trend has been downward.

What are we working on?

Washington State and Department of Commerce are carrying out programs focused on job growth in rural areas such as Economic Gardening,(eliminated by Legislature July 2017) Start-up Washington, and by dedicating staff resources and economic development professionals conducting community outreach throughout the state.

Some of the programs are listed below. :

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The Main Street Program - leverages asset such as older buildings and small businesses with place based activities.

Department of Commerce Programs - The Washington State Department of Commerce has numerous programs that have proven to be successful in assisting in rural economic development.

Employment Security Department Assistance - The Washington State Employment Security Department administers several programs to help individuals in rural Washington to find employment and explore new opportunities.

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