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Supplemental Information

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Why is this a priority?

The industrial sub-sector three year trailing average for 2010 (years 2008 through 2010) reveals fossil fuel energy consumption of 163.9 trillion BTU, represented by several petroleum products and natural gas used in industrial processes. The pie chart below illustrates industrial subsector energy consumption by fuel type for 2011. A key strategy towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the industrial sector will be increasing energy efficiency.

How are we doing?

The three year average energy consumption by the industrial sector for 2014 was 163.9 trillion BTU.

What are we working on?
  • Dept. of Commerce has provided a number of loans to industries to improve their energy efficiency.
  • Help move businesses and especially industry from petroleum use to cleaner, less carbon intensive fuel such as natural gas.
How can you help?

The Washington State University Energy Program Industrial Services group helps manufacturers adopt efficient technologies that can also improve productivity. Please see link below: