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Archived: Reduce the energy use by state owned facilities

Reduce the cost of energy used by state owned facilities to $2.23 sq. ft/yr by 2017


Reduce the energy use by state owned facilities to 5,306,137 mBtu/sq ft/year by 2017


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Why is this a priority?

In order to reduce Carbon emissions and reduce utility costs of state operations. We must actively track utility consumption and cost, while taking action to reduce energy consumption in state owned and operated facilities.

How are we doing?

Our tracking system is continuing to improve, allowing us to improve our data base of facility energy consumption with more accurate data. We are continuing to reduce consumption through conservation efforts. We are also tracking to achieve the goals set by Executive Order and statute. However, we still can do more. If the investment in our facilities and infrastructure is strategic.

What are we working on?
  • We are continuing to improve benchmarking efforts.
  • Reaching out to state agencies, Higher ED and K-12 school districts to increase conservation efforts through: 1. Energy Savings Performance Contracting 2. Resource Conservation Management Services


How can you help?

Continue to provide leadership and funding for energy conservation and carbon reduction strategies. Encourage borrowing against energy savings through appropriate alternative financing strategies to leverage limited capital dollars.