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Archived: Residents who report they have a personal doctor or health care provider

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Why is this a priority?

The Patient Centered Medical Home is foundational to an effective health care system. Having a primary care provider is a core tenet of the PCMH, and assures that a patient has access to a clinician who knows them and can provide timely preventive and acute care. The PCMH model has been shown to improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs.

How are we doing?

The best benchmark for the prevalence of having a personal doctor is perhaps Massachusetts. Massachusetts implemented a state-wide universal health coverage program in 2006; by 2010 this State saw an increase in 5% of the population that had a usual source of medical care. Currently, in Washington State 75% have a personal doctor; based on the Massachusetts experience, we are targeting a 7% increase.

What are we working on?
  • Partnering with the Washington Health Care Benefit Exchange to encourage eligible individuals to acquire health insurance.
  • Supporting community partners such as hospitals and community clinics in their efforts to assist patients in signing up for insurance, especially Medicaid.
  • Working with Medicaid MCOs to develop and implement strategies that connect enrollees to primary care providers.
  • Encouraging state employees who have health insurance through PEB to identify and connect with a primary care provider.
  • Partnering with the Washington Health Alliance and WSMA to educate the public about the value of having a primary care provider
How can you help?

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