January 16, 2019
Renée Smith

I’m captivated by one idea: That we can transform our workplaces with the power of love in 2019.

All of you who have joined this Human Workplace community over this last year are part of this new movement. It can seem unlikely or even preposterous, especially with the day to day struggle in teams and organizations who are still denying their humanity. They haven’t yet realized they can and should be human and loving at work if they want to succeed. But the momentum in building.

Some people may scoff at that.

Who can blame them?

New Movements never seem plausible when they begin.

New Movements are overshadowed by what now fills the room, the house, the town,

so New Movements begin in quiet corners where few notice.

New Movements may toddle when young,

but with time they mature into something more steady, able, and strong. 

New Movements find and gently fill unmet needs,

And the suffering are surprised at this, but once relieved, they join in.

New Movements dance alone in the kitchen at first,

when no one is watching.

But after a time …  

New Movements dance with family at a wedding …

then with friends at the club …

then eventually with a crowd of countless others in a wide open field

under the starry night sky.

And then no one is scoffing,

because everyone is dancing.

We are, right now, creating new kinds of workplaces, just by showing up differently. We don’t have to wait for permission to be kind to colleagues. We don’t have to ask to build trust. We don’t have to hope that someone else will lead with empathy. We can do that. Right now. We can start dancing in the kitchen. Today. Where you are. Where I am.

We make work more human, when we are human and loving. For those of us who are public servants, we make government more human, and we know THAT is sorely needed. You already are doing this. You are already feeling the impact. Keep going. Keep loving. And let me know how it’s going, won’t you?