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Results Washington is committed to making government more human. That begins with a fundamental commitment to helping Washington State Government agencies cultivate more human-centered organizations based on decreasing fear and increasing love in the workplace toward each other and toward the Washingtonians we serve.

A Human Workplace provides services to support leaders and teams who want to become more human-centered. No matter where you are beginning, we can help you strengthen your culture. Take a look and then contact us for more information or to schedule a conversation about your needs and interests:


Everyone needs a sounding board. And maybe a little more. Sometimes you need someone with organizational expertise who will ask you thoughtful questions and really listen to understand what’s going on. It helps to explore research, practical frameworks, and realistic options so you can make a plan for moving forward. We can help you with a conversation, an exploratory facilitation, or a planning retreat. And we can partner with your internal staff and leaders to complement human-centered initiatives already under way. Email to schedule time to talk about your consulting or coaching needs.


What does it take to create a government workplace where the public is satisfied and public servants can truly thrive? It takes a radical transition from a fearful workplace to a loving workplace. Love? Yes love. In government? Yes in government.

Based on insights from 50+ research interviews and sharing practical experiences of real leaders and teams, learn what it means to make work more human. This talk provides practical guidance to create a workplace where team members have a deeply gratifying work experience and deliver exceptional value for customers. 

  • Hear stories describing the sobering impacts of fear.
  • Be inspired by the results achieved in more loving, human-centered workplaces.
  • Understand the crucial difference between accountability and responsibility.
  • Learn how state government agencies are working to put this into practice each day. 
  • Learn more about A Human Workplace gatherings and advocacy
  • Walk away with practical strategies for leaders and for teams to make work more human.

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We offer interactive, high-engagement facilitated workshops to explore your team’s questions and roadblocks. We help teams make breakthrough progress by facing their legitimate concerns and curiosities to become a human-centered organization. This is no canned, one size fits all product. Rather, we take the questions, concerns, and challenges your organization is facing and use those as a jumping off point to make real, lasting progress on the road to making your government organization more human. Email to discuss your workshop interests.

Some workshop titles include:

  • A Human Workplace
  • The Science and Art of Human-Centered Leadership
  • Bring Your Whole Self to Work
  • Does Love Belong at Work?
  • What’s at the Center of Your Work and Why It Matters
  • Running the Business of Government
  • Put Love in Action at Work


The Department of Enterprise Services offers both learning options and consulting services that are human-centered:


Recruit and hire new team members and leaders who are human-centered. Soon we will make available resources and tools like language for job descriptions, search committee questions and criteria, on-boarding practices, and professional development plan suggestions.



Let us know what you need and we will see what we can do! Contact us at


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