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Archived: State Agency Utilization of State-certified Small Businesses

OMWBE is Washington's primary source for the certification and education of small businesses including those which are minority-owned, woman-owned, and socioeconomically disadvantaged. We strive to eliminate economic discrimination in the procurement process and government contracting opportunities. OMWBE embraces small business and empowers the entrepreneurs of Washington State. We are grateful for the numerous achievements we have made, especially this year. We are invigorated. And with many positive productivity improvements, we are excited for the great accomplishments we are manufacturing in 2014 for our great state and the outstanding small business community we serve.

Why is this a priority?

Certification significantly increases the opportunities available to minority and woman-owned businesses. State certified firms are eligible to participate in contracting opportunities with state and local governments, and private sector companies are increasingly choosing to recognize and utilize OMWBE's state certified firms for their supplier diversity goals.Washington's economy perpetually benefits from our strong minority and female business sector.

More info: www.getcertifiednw.com/growing-our-economy

How are we doing?

Near target! Our goal is to increase the number of new state certified firms by 30% in 2014. By April, we increased the number of small businesses with new state certification by 38.25%.

Please note: The number of new certifications does not reflect the Office's performance, as this data does not exhibit the applications processed for the entire Federal Program including, but not limited to DBE and SBE certification applications, as well as Renewals and Business Expansions of Service Requests completed during calendar year 2014. This information also does not exhibit the New State Certification Applications processed and determined ineligible for the State Program.

What are we working on?

We are accomplishing our goal by significantly increasing the number of new state certification applications received.By improving productivity and minimizing processing times for the major steps in application analysis, we can grant certification to eligible firms at a higher rate, in turn, granting them access to opportunities in small business at a greater pace.By placing stronger emphasis on meaningful outreach, we are expanding our presence throughout the entire state and enlightening business owners of the opportunities in small business.

Get Certified Campaign (29 informative sessions in 27 cities throughout WA in 4 days)

Certification Training Workshops (45 anticipated sessions throughout the state during the entire year)

Video Tutorials (available now! )

Webinars (available now! )

Additional Outreach Information: https://data.results.wa.gov/reports/Copy-of-2-4-1-a-Increase-Certification-Outreach

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