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Results Washington: Improvement Stories

Examples of state government using Lean principles to improve service and achieve goals:

Customer Service:

  • The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board simplified their licensing procedure which created much faster license processing and eliminated customer frustration. Here's a short video about the improvements.
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  • The Department of Enterprise Services used Lean strategies to identify and solve problems in their inventory management system resulting in a 69 percent reduction of the time required for the inventory process.


  • The Department of Enterprise Services custodial division improved safety for its staff members which led to a 44 percent decrease in injuries on the job. Here's a short video about the improvements. (printable PDF)
  • The Washington State Patrol’s Crime Lab in Marysville, using Lean principles, has sharply cut the processing time for forensic DNA tests. The changes shaved 20 percent off processing times for testing samples. Here's a short video about the improvements. (printable PDF)

Public Records:

  • The Department of Licensing team handling requests for the agency’s investigative records cut the time in half to fulfill a request.
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  • The Department of Financial Institutions has cut the time to fulfill a public disclosure request by 75 percent.
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  • The public disclosure team at Washington State Department of Transportation's headquarters cut the average time to fulfill a records request by 54 percent.
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