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Year Presenter Organization Session Title Presentation slides Video
2018 Robert Martichenko LeanCor Supply Chain Group Keynote Slides  
2018 Cordila Jochim Corhouse Keynote Slides  
2018 Michelle Kennedy, Leigh Crabtree, and Brian Kerr Kennedy Consulting LLC, City of Beverton and Koné Consulting Improving Municipal-level Development Review Processes Using Lean Methods and Practices: Creating Lasting Results for the Community Through Improved Processes and Collaboration Slides  
2018 Amy Leneker  Compass Consulting Finding Joy in the Journey - Starting Now Slides   
2018 Anna St Mullaire, Bill Kysor, and Brian Mark Washington State Employment Security Department  Building Lean for People Slides   
2018 Debra Hentz and Steven Thomson Washington State Auditors Office Customers Are People Too! Insights From Local Governments Beyond the Cascade Curtain  Slides   
2018 Hannah Aoyogi and Evans Kerrigan Department of Ecology and Integris Performance Advisors Everyone is a Leader: One Program's Leadership Development Approach at the Department of Ecology Slides   
2018 Jennifer Haury and Lori Erickson All Angles Counsulting LLC and Callipe Consulting LLC Lean Survival Guide: How to Create and Sustain a Continuous Improvement Culture Slides  
2018 Karl Kraber  Kata Consulting  Engaging Employees Every Day Slides  
2018 Katie Hurckes and Liz Rife Oregon State Hospital and Oregon Health Authority Sustaining Transformation after the Fanfare Slides  
2018 Katy Folk-Way and Steven Roberts University of Washington Creative Communications  A Success Story Through Engaging People  Slides  
2018 Marty Lyons Dale Carnegie Training  Creating Motivation and Desire Slides  
2018 Renee Smith  Results Washington  A Human Workplace: What's at the Center of Your Work?
2018 Renee Smith  Results Washington A Human Workplace: "Does Love Belong at Work?" Slides  
2018 Scott Kurish and Wanda Wright Arizona Department of Veterans' Services   Engaging our People - Improving our Processes- Serving our Veterans  Slides  
2018 Scott Siderman TokuSaku Consulting  Lean's BFFs: the Customer and Employee Experiences  Slides  
2018 Tim Dyeson, Gwen Grams, Aaron Cunningham, and Blake Ellison Washington State Health Care Authority  Relieving the Pain of Performance Measurement Slides  
2018 Tracey O'Rourke and Elisabeth Swan GoLeanSixSigma Conventional Training Classroom and Get Better Improvement Results  Slides  
2018 Wendy Fraser  Fraser Consulting, LLC Getting Unstuck: Strategies for Repairing Trust in Groups  Slides  
2018 Vickie Kennedy, Shelli Lackey, and Amy Nagely Department of Labor and Industries  From Quick Fixes to Sustained Results: Leassons Learned About Change, Culture and People Focused Process Improvement Slides  
2018 Alan Talbot Simpler Consulting The Engagement Contagion - Achieving High Participation in Continuous Improvement  Slides  
2018 Alysha Myers, Dan Cooke, and Sara Crosby  Department of Licensing  Take Your Dog to Work Day: Identifying and Understanding Your Customers  Slides  
2018 Amy Leneker and Joe Vansyckle Compass Consulting  Why Do People Do What They Do? A Human Centered Approach to Influencing Sustainable Change Slides  
2018 Chris Weakland and Alishia Jeremiah Arizona Department of Adminstration  It's not About the Shark! How Arizona Uses 1:1 Coaching to Navigate Barriers and Reach the Shore  Slides  
2018 John Dickson Spokane County  Lean Project Governance - A Key to Senior Leadership Engagement! Slides  
2018 LeKisha McKinley LQM Business Strategist  The Importance of Emotional Awareness in Creating Value, Understanding and Inclusiveness for Customers  Slides  
2018 Ted Iverson and Ben Pasquier Mckinsey and Company  Meaningful Purpose to Drive Lasting Cultures of Improvement  Slides  
2017 Governor Jay Inslee Washington State Welcome & Opening Remarks   Video
2017 Mami Hara Seattle Public Utilities Keynote Slides Video
2017 Cass Sunstein Harvard University Keynote Slides Video
2017 Hosted by Brett Cooper, Panel Members: Ken Guy, Jennifer Hills, Norm Alberg, Sandra Kilroy, Megan Pedersen, Carmel Call Integris Performance Advisors, King County King County's Impressive Cultural Evolution: Stories and Insights from an Exciting Journey Slides Video
2017 Kimberly Ross and Dan Mussatti Oregon State Hospital Transformation and Sustainment – “Out of the Ashes” Slides  
2017 Vince Stamper and Ron Zmijewski Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Robots and Kaizen: Managing Disruptive Technologies Using Lean Methods Slides  
2017 Gary Vansuch Colorado Department of Transportation Transportation Lean Forum Webinar Slides  
2017 Hosted by Hollie Jensen, Panel members: Marcus Glasper, Pat McCarthy, Brigadier General Jeremy Horn, Michael Meotti Results Washington, Department of Revenue, State Auditor’s Office, Washington Military Department, Washington Student Achievement Council Leader Panel: Facing and Solving Problems Cultivates Growth Slides Video
2017 Renée Smith Washington State Department of Enterprise Services Make Work More Human Slides  
2017 Robert Brown Collective Wisdom Lean Thinking 4.0 Slides Video
2017 Alexis Olson, Katie Crawford, Pert Lin and Sheri Bair Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Change That Sticks: Strengthening Trust Through Partnership in Designing, Implementing and Measuring Change Slides Video
2017 Robert Shea, Grant Thornton and Scott Harra Mass Ingenuity Using Data Analystics to Improve Outcomes: State and Federal Examples Slides  
2017 Ken Guy, Eunjoo Greenhouse, Kara Cuzzetto, Tracy O'Rourke King County and Integris Performance Advisors Process Walks - Go Further by Walking Together Slides  
2017 Ben Grossman-Kahn and Zachary Smith Catalyz Design Thinking and Adaptive Leadership: A Framework for Human-Centered Change Slides  
2017 Shrupti Shah and Michael Greene Deloitte Nudging for Good – Applying Behavioral Insights for State Government Agencies Slides  
2017 Jane Washburn Provincial Government of New Brunswick What’s Your Problem? Overcoming the Obstacles to a High Performance Culture Slides  
2017 Hosted by Brett Jackson, Panel members: John Espinola, Ross Laursen, Beth Johnson, Michael Hjort, and Chad Murphy Premera Blue Cross All In: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Own Kaizen Slides  
2017 Bob Plummer and Matt Wehr Honsha Increasing Performance and Problem Solving Effectivenes - Tiered Huddles Slides  
2017 Arun Kumar Kerika Kanban and Scrum: What's the Difference, and Which One Should You Use? Slides  
2017 Eden Teachout Department of Enterprise Services Focusing on the 'g' in gPDCA to Boost Your Problem Solving Skills


2017 Elizabeth Alley, and Shelly Randazzo, Virginia Mason Leader, Leader, How Does Your Garden Grow? Using Daily Management to Fertilize a Culture of Problem Solvers Slides  
2017 Jennifer Haury All Angles Consulting Building an Intentional Culture Slides Video
2017 Margaret (Meg) Winch Communication Resources Northwest A Lean Approach to Problem Solving:  Facilitation Skills for Team Leaders Slides  
2017 Jon Tunheim, Kelly Johnston Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney, Clarity Consulting Partners Hope Inspired Leadership Slides  
2017 Marc Hébert, Jenessa Rozier, and Kyra Sikora City and County San Francisco Stories & Tools for Reflecting on & Reducing Failures



2017 Gary Vansuch and Amber Sander Colorado Department of Transportation and Washington Department of Transportation Lean: Driving Engagement, Driving Improvement, Driving Success Slides  
2017 David Mort and Chris Bevans Hawes Group Creating Giants of Others: Developing Tomorrow's Leaders from Today's New Hires Slides  
2017 John Dickson Spokane County Emotional Intelligence – A Crucial Lean Leadership Skill Slides  
2017 Karyn Ross Karyn Ross Consulting Keynote Slides Video
2017 Brian Elms Denver Peak Academy Keynote Slides Video
2017 Mitch Ditkoff, Tracy O'Rourke and Elisabeth Swan Idea Champions and Storytelling Isn't Just for Bedtime Anymore: The Power of Personal Storytelling at Work to Spark Insight, Inspire Change, and Innovation Slides  
2017 Robert Woods State of Arizona The Arizona Management System Slides  
2017 Vinay Thakorlai and Doran Newhart Seattle Children's Hospital Changing Culture by Changing Thinking Slides  
2017 Fariba Fuller and Lis McNicholl Snohomish County Government and The Boeing Company Adaptive Problem Solving Slides  
2017 Craig Weathers Simpler/IBM Igniting Your Team’s Continuous Improvement Engine Slides  
2017 Peter Hutchinson Accenture Communicating Results – If You’re Explainin’ You Ain’t Gainin’ Slides  
2017 Alexis Olson, Katie Crawford, Pert Lin and Sheri Bair Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Change That Sticks:  Strengthening Trust Through Partnership in Designing, Implementing, and Measuring Change Slides  
2017 Ariana Wood Washington State Department of Enterprise Services Eliminating the Unproductive Meeting

Story Example

2017 Frederick Wade and Gwen Voelpel Washington State Department of Licensing and Integris Performance Advisors License to Thrive: Creating More Cohesive Teams at Department of Licensing Slides  
2017 Karyn Ross Karyn Ross Consulting Q&A Session   Video
2017 Brian Elms Denver Peak Academy When All You Focus is on Process Improvement… Sometimes You Need Improvement Slides  
2017 Takeshi Iwata Shingijutsu Global Consulting USA Inc. Hoshin Konri and Daily Management Slides  
2017 Karl Kraber and Anna St. Martin Washington State Employment Securities Department Tools to Engage Everyone in Problem Solving


2017 Gary Vansuch, Carl Greer and Scott McAllister Colorado Department of Transportation, Washington Department of Transportation and Prosci Change Management: Helping Our People Be Successful With Each and Every Change Slides  
2017 Debra Hentz, Ben Thurgood and John Dickson Washington State Auditor’s Office, City of Tacoma, Spokane County Overcoming Resistance to Your Organizational Change Management Plans Slides Video
2017 Nathan Petty and Mary Reister Department of Labor and Industries Planning the Future of Your Enterprise Inside a Lean Performance Management System Slides  
2017 Jennifer Bolton and Corbin Foster LiveStories Talk Data to Me: Data Literacy for Non-Data Scientists Slides  
2017 Scott Heydon LEI How to Lead a Lean Transformation Slides  
2017 Tolu Perales and Gwen Voelpel   Improve Your Teams...Improve Your Culture! Mastering The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Slides  
2017 Robin Rosenberg, Jared Eyer, Katie Johnston, Allyson Griffith, Joe Meinecke Socrata, City of Tacoma and Tacoma Fire Department Tacoma's Performance Management and Open Data Initiative: The Climb Towards Data-Driven Decision-Making Slides  
2017 Wendy Fraser Fraser Consulting, LLC Bridging the Great Divide: Strengthening Trust Between Management and Employees Slides  
2017 Wendy Fraser Fraser Consulting, LLC Deepening the Toolbox: Advanced Trust Repair Slides  
2016 Governor Jay Inslee Washington State Welcome & Opening Remarks    
2016 Dean Schroeder Valparaiso University The Power of Front-Line Ideas (Keynote Presentation) Slides YouTube
2016 Peter Hutchison Accenture Leadership Lessons: what 2nd Graders Already Know (Keynote Presentation) Slides

Alfie Alvarado-Ramos
Chris Liu
Joel Sacks
Rick Garza

WA State Dept. of Veterans Affairs 
Dept. of Enterprise Services
Labor and Industries
Liquor and Cannabis Board

Agency Leadership Panel: Employee ideas –they’re important and valuable No Slides Available



2016 Jim Benson Modus Cooperandi

Continuous Improvement and Personal Kanban

2016 Shrupti Shah & Wendy Korthuis-Smith Deloitte Delivering results: lessons learned from across the world Slides  
2016 Brian Elms City and County of Denver No barriers to innovation Slides  
2016 Chris Liu & Cheryl Sullivan-Colglazier Dept. of Enterprise Services DES- A journey to customer and team satisfaction: Busting the "Build it and they will come" myth Slides YouTube
2016 Anders Maul LiveStories How to measure performance when happiness is your metric Slides YouTube
2016 Gary Vansuch Colorado Department of Transportation Case Study: Building change capability within a large government enterprise Slides  
2016 Gary Vansuch Colorado Department of Transportation Improving Lean through communities of practice Slides  
2016 Brian Wakeham State of Wisconsin, Dept. of Administration Mapping your journey in continuous improvement Slides  
2016 Brett Cooper & Evans Kerrigan Integris Performance Advisors Accept Your Power to Lead Slides  
2016 Brett Cooper & Evans Kerrigan Integris Performance Advisors Building Better Teams Will Improve Your Lean Efforts Slides YouTube
2016 Eden Teachout Dept. of Enterprise Services Focusing on the 'g' in gPDCA to boost your problem solving skills Slides
2016 Arun Kumar & Joy Paulus Kerika & WaTech Big results with small teams: leading practices in cross-functional partnerships Slides  
2016 Andres Hermosilla & Matt Waller Seattle Children's Hospital Simulation: You can learn a lot by doing the work Slides  
2016 Ariana Wood & Paul Houle, Rick Garza & James Goodman, Sean Heron & Job Pangilinan Dept. Enterprise Lean Transformation Services, Liquor and Cannabis Board, King County Housing Authority Coaching leaders to create a culture of engagement and improvement Slides  
2016 Karen Howells and Kelly Johnston The Howells group Leading Lean for success; how to drive out fear


2016 Vincent Stamper & Pete Laketa Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility Engaging employee creativity through Moonshine rapid prototyping


2016 Elizabeth Alley & Shelly Randazzo Virginia Mason Medical Center Lean is part of the change management equations: success= vision, motivation Slides  
2016 Jeff Press & Michael Jacobson Socrata & King County Data-driven everything: The 10 plays to driving performance and impact Slides  
2016 Hollie Jensen & Lean Fellows Results Washington 5 Leader Behaviors that will grow your learner and get results


2016 John Dickson Spokane County We're not robots - reorganize for speed! Slides YouTube
2016 Joshua Drollinger Dept. of Social and Health Services Agency Short Talks: Lean One-Cup Training Slides  
2016 Tom Moore & Suzanne Hoffman, Annette Schuffenhauer Mass Ingenuity, Health Care Authority Accelerating results: tip for surfacing, sponsoring & sustaining problem solving Slides  
2016 Norm Alberg King County How to engage and support employees in continuous improvement: stories of successes, failures, learning Slides  
2016 Robert Brown Collective Wisdom, Inc. A model for change: Harnessing the Speed of Thought (HST) Slides


Discussion Guide

2016 Bob Plummer Honsha Lessons Learned from Arizona Lean Transformation - a Honsha Perspective Slides  
2016 Wendy Fraser Fraser Consulting, LLC Getting Unstuck: Strategies to repair trust in groups Slides


Discussion Guide

2016 Andrew Hansen & Kathy Mullin Seattle Children's Hospital From 10,000 foot to Sea Level: Building engagement at all levels to reduce preventable readmissions Slides  
2016 Ted Burley The Regional Municipality of York Building organization capacity for continuous improvement Slides  
2016 Jennifer Haury All Angles Consulting, LLC Solving problems should be easy - using the 4 Step visual tool Slides  
2016 Brian Kerr & Craig Fitzgerald Kone Consulting Lean Contains Multitudes: Where to Begin Slides  
2016 Beck Nowlen-Baird, Tom, Cahill, Brett Jackson, Christina Webber, & Ed Schott Premera Blue Cross "Mining the Gold": Making the most of employee ideas Slides  
2016 David Mort Hawes Financial Group It's a bird! It's a plan! No, it's Janice: 6 secrets to being a management SUPERHERO (You won't believe #4) Slides  
2016 Chris Lindstrom Ceptara Office Lean: Staying organized and focused Slides  
2016 Lauren Hudspeth, Tiffany Nguyen, & Brandi Bogosian Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Transformation design: Using Lean Internally to Help Maximize Impact Externally Slides  
2016 Jody Becker-Green Dept. of Corrections Fostering collaboration and trust across divisions Slides  
2016 Tracy O'Rourke & Alex Ogunji Integris & Los Angeles County Embracing employee ideas Slides YouTube
2016 Earll Murman & Jay Bakst Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Raviyah Training and Consulting Growing a Lean community: the Jefferson County Lean journey Slides  
2016 Marina Parr & Jim Parker Washington Workforce Board Short Talks - State Agency Panel: Learning to Lean through "Baby Steps" Slides  
2016 Karl Kraber Employment Security Dept. Lean is not an event Slides  
2016 Michael DeAngelo WaTech Can evolving past the hierarchy make us more efficient? Looks that way Slides  
2016 Fisher Qua & Charley Haley Back Loop Consulting Pin the Tail on the Donkey: Measuring the complexity of Lean improvement efforts Slides
2016 Allyson Brooks & Morgan McLemore DAHP Short Talks- State Agency Panel: Washington Information System for Architectural and Archeological Data (WISAARD) Expediting the Regulatory Process through Technology Slides  
2016 Lila Kirkeby & Linda Kleingartner Washington State Patrol & T.A.S. State agencies work better together Slides  
2015 Governor Jay Inslee Washington State Lean in Washington (Opening Remarks)   YouTube
2015 Jim Womack Lean Enterprise Institute Keynote Presentation Slides YouTube
2015 Scott McAllister Prosci Lean Would Be Easy if It Weren't for the People Slides  
2015 Scott Heydon and John O'Donnell Lean Enterprise Institute Understanding Lean Transformation Slides  
2015 Robert Brown Collective Wisdom Zombieization, the Archenemy of Lean Thinking Slides  
2015 Donald Dinero TWI Learning Partnership Why TWI? Slides  
2015 Hollie Jensen Results Washington Growing People While Doing The Work Slides YouTube

Chris Liu and Renée Smith Nyberg

Department of Enterprise Services Eliminate Fear: Creating a Workplace of Participation, Trust and Results at Enterprise Services Slides  
2015 Jom Benson Modus Cooperandi Personal Kanban   YouTube
2015 Jeff Watson Seattle City Light Using Performance Management to Set the Foundation for Lean Slides  
2015 John Bernard Mass Ingenuity Government That Works: How Public Servants are Driving a Results Revolution in the States   YouTube
2015 Maria Carney and Jessica Sherry Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Lean in Philanthropy: An Innovative Application of Lean in a Non-Traditional Setting Slides  
2015 Alec Steel and Kevin Summersgill UK National Audit Office Building an Effective Management System: Insights and Learning from the UK Government Slides  
2015 Terri Egan and Suzanne Lahl SyncUp Leadership Group Mindsets Matter: The Neuroscience of Leading Change Slides  
2015 Michael DeAngelo WaTech Lean Your Hierarchy! Slides  
2015 Charley Haley and Sage Vann Black Loop Consulting Making Space for Innovation with Liberating Structures Slides  

Tracy O’Rourke

Gwen Voelpel

Integris Performance Advisors
City of SeaTac
Measurable Improvement with Employee Engagement: How the City of SeaTac Significantly Improved Employee Engagement Scores in Two Years Slides  
2015 Chris Lindstrom Ceptara Corporation Excellence Organizations Have Excellence People Slides  
2015 Jitinder Kohli, Marcie Frost, Rich Garza, Pat Kohler, Joel Sacks Deloitte, State of Washington Making it Real, State leaders panel   YouTube
2015 Kelly Johnston and Tom Moore
Susan Lucas
Mass Ingenuity


Washington Health Care Authority

The Results-Driven Leader: Leading the Unknown Journey Slides  
2015 Haneef Chagani


Shelley Whitehead

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Government of Saskatchewan
Sustaining Lean and Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement Slides  

Jim Pendowski
Sherry Dennis
Cyndee Baugh
Pamela Singleton and Melissa Wideman

DSHS (Everett)
State Agency Case Studies: Come and Hear Success Stories and What They Learned Along the Way Slides
2015 Norm Alberg
Evans Kerrigan
King County
Integris Performance Advisors
Lessons Learned from a Two-Year Continuous Improvement Journey: 10 Key Lessons Slides  
2015 Elizabeth Alley and Shelly Randazzo Virginia Mason Medical Center Learning Organizations, Lean and Leadership: Lean Processes = Better Patient Care Slides  
2015 Cheryl Hammond Northwest Cadence Mature Your Metrics: Stop Tracking Administrivia and Start Using Data to Drive Results Slides  
2015 Arun Kumar Kerika Inc. Visualizing Your Lean and Agile Workflows Slides  
2015 Jenny Davidson and Kelly Fisher Seattle Children’s Hospital Engaging Our Patients and Families in Continuous Performance Improvement Slides  
2015 Brett Cooper Integris Performance Advisors Let's Improve Our Communication Slides  
2015 Brett Cooper and Evans Kerrigan Integris Performance Advisors Teams Work! How to Have More Fun and Cultivate Better Results on Your Lean Journey   YouTube
2015 Nathan Navarro University of Washington/Boeing Cultivating a Lean Culture that Delivers Positive Results Slides  
2015 Kelly Fisher
Stephanie Daclison

Seattle Children’s Hospital
The Everett Clinic

Getting Back to Basics: Observations and the Scientific Method Slides  
2015 David Mort Hawes Financial Group Key Performance Indicators: Using Key Behaviors to Drive Performance Slides  
2015 EA Weymuller and Anders Maul LiveStories Telling Stories With Your Data Slides  
2015 Mike De Luca and Paul Horton The Athena Group Cultivating Leadership to Achieve Results Slides  
2015 Sam Bracken FranklinCovey Personal Transformation   YouTube
2015 Mike Martyn The Athena Group Cultivating Leadership ot Achieve Results   YouTube
2015 Jennifer Haury CHI Franciscan Health Shift Your Lead! From Change Fatigue to Nimble Ninja: How to Get Things Done Slides  

André Helmstetter and Brian Kerr

Koné Consulting

Stop! Don't Send Everyone to Training Slides  

Karen DuBose

Stewart Henderson
Heather Bartlett

Skagit Co. Department of Public Works

Results Washington
Department of Ecology

Applied Lean Problem-Solving: A State and Local Partnership to Restore Shellfish in Samish Bay Slides  
2015 Linda Kleingartner, Julie Thumser-Kerlee, and Adolfo de Leon DSHS Building Lean Capacity From Within Our Organization Slides  
2015 Becky Nowlin-Baird and Brett Jackson Premera Blue Cross Developing People Through Continuous Improvement Slides  
2015 Jamie Bonini Toyota Production System Support System Keynote Presentation   YouTube
2015 Wendy Korthuis-Smith - Moderator, John Bernard, Fred Jarrett, Colleen McAleer, David Padrino and Alec Steel Results Washington, Mass Ingenuity, King County, Washington Business Alliance, State of Colorado, United Kingdom Audit Office Sharing Our Journey and Key Lessons Panel   YouTube
2015 Gifford Pinchot Pinchot University Lean Innovation in Government Slides  
2015 Fariba Fuller
Lis McNicholl
King County
Liberating Structures: Simple Rules That Make it Easy to Include and Unleash Everyone in Shaping the Future Slides  
2015 Phil Castle and Sarah Gappert
Carly Kujath and Steve Sinclair
Ellen Matheny
Health Care Authority


Department of Corrections


"Short Talk" With State Agencies: Hear Their Success Stories and What They Learned Along The Way Slides



2012 Barb Bouche Seattle Children's Hospital Toyota Kata Slides YouTube
2013 Brett Cooper & Tracy O'Rourke Integris Performance Advisors Lean Culture: What is it? Why do we want it? How do we get it? Slides Video
2012 Carlos Venegas Impact Washington Doing More With Less: Creating the Capacity for Innovation and Growth Slides YouTube
2013 Darril Wilburn Honsha Courage, Humility and Kaizen: The Key Elements of Lean Slides YouTube
2012 Elizabeth Bennett Seattle Children's Hospital Making Lean Part of the Culture: A Staff Engagement and Outcomes-Driven Strategy Slides YouTube
2013 Ralph Seely Point B Lean Daily Management Slides YouTube
2013 Laurie Bolton & Delila Katzka Seattle Children's Research Institute Transforming a Professional Office with "Intelli-lines" and Daily Management Systems Slides YouTube
2013 Carlos Venegas & Hope Wiljanen Lean Office Innovation & Wiljanen and Associates Are Middle Managers Really the Biggest Obstacle to Lean? Slides YouTube
2012 Dr. Sanford Melzer Seattle Children's Hospital Implementing Lean Management: Lessons Learned from the Front Lines of Organizational Change Slides YouTube
2012 Gordy Anderson Impact Washington Lean as a Human Performance System Slides YouTube
2013 Harry Kenworthy QPIC Employee Driven Performance Excellence; Managing the Hearts and Minds Slides YouTube
2012 John Bernard & Marcie Frost Department of Retirement Systems Build Your Management System First, Then Optimize Lean: The Department of Retirement Systems Case Study Slides YouTube
2012 Sammy Obara Honsha Leading a Lean Organization Slides YouTube
2013 Wendy Korthuis-Smith & Mary Alice Heuschel Gov's Office Results Washington Overview Slides



2012 Michele Adams, Linda Hebsih, Rhea Wallace & V'Ella Warren Various Leadership Panel: Lean Partners - Leading Practices in Lean Slides





2013 Jennifer Becker Seattle Children's Hospital On the Field Leadership: Transforming People and Process Slides YouTube
2013 Daniel Hanson VMMC Improving Hospitalized Patients' Experience Through Physician Work Flow Slides YouTube
2012 Pat Edmonds Point B Herding Cats: A Practical Exercise in 5S Slides YouTube
2012 Sarah Stuart Impact Washington Value Stream Mapping: Helping Your Team See the Future State Slides YouTube
2012 Tim Hirsch & Christina Webber Premera Blue Cross Lean Visual Management Slides YouTube
2013 Bill Cooper Leading Beyond Tradition Public and Private Sector Successes and Examples Using Lean Tools and Processes Slides YouTube
2013 Bob Brown Collective Wisdom The Neuroscience of Continuous Improvement: Why continuous improvement is so hard and what to do about it Slides YouTube
2012 Darril Wilburn Honsha Problem Solving: The Lean Business Practice Slides YouTube
2013 Mike Sangalli ICF International Hierarchical Mapping, Discovery and Driving to Root Cause Slides YouTube
2013 Mike Sullivan Point B The A3 Approach for Problem Solving Slides YouTube
2014 Joe Murli The Murli Group The Lean Management System   Not Recorded
2014 Zachary Cohn & Qua Fisher Wonful Consulting Pre-Agile: Don't Build the Best Wrong Thing   YouTube
2014 Wendy Fraser UW Tacoma Trust Repair in a Lean Culture   YouTube
2014 Donald Dinero TWI Learning Partnership Introduction to Job Instruction Training- A TWI Program   YouTube
2014 Carol Knight-Wallace KnightVantage Consulting, LLC Burn the Popcorn


2014 Robert Brown Collective Wisdom, Inc. The Dark Matter and Dark Energy of Lean Thinking: How to see and make sense of the critical, invisible people side   YouTube
2014 Julie Fry Virginia Mason Medical Center Daily Management for Teams and Leaders Slides Not Recorded
2014 Rick Garza, Alison Chadez & James Goodman Liquor Control Board LCB Case Study: Public Records Requests and Employee Empowerment


Not Recorded
2014 Beck Nowlin-Baird & Brett Jackson Premera Blue Cross Developing People through Continuous Improvement Slides YouTube
2014 Laurie Hunt, Heriberto Rodriguez & Jeanne Marie Isola University of Washington Bridging the gap between Lean and Agile to eliminate UW procurement encumbrances


2014 Judy Hall & Jessica Todorovich Department of Health Are we Lean enough? Moving from Process Improvement to Culture Change   Not Recorded
2014 William Rowden SolutionsIQ Lean-Agile Introductory Workshop


2014 Mark Feldhausen Department of Retirement Systems Lean at Department of Retirement Systems: Timely and Accurate Benefit Payments   Not Recorded
2014 Scott Purcell &Denise Jubber Hawes Financial Group Bridging The Relational Gap With Lean:  How to increase you organizational influence up, down, and sideways   YouTube
2014 John Dickson Spokane County Leading Big, Hiary System Improvements - Make the Invisible Visible Slides YouTube
2014 Holly Valkama Corragio Group Value Stream Maps are a Management Tool Slides Not Recorded
2014 Fred Bentsen APQC Education Process Transformation in K-12 Education   YouTube
2014 Chris Liu & Renee Smith Nyberg Department of Enterprise Services Huddles and Coaching for Results at Enterprise Services   YouTube
2014 Chris Liu & Renee Smith Nyberg Department of Enterprise Services Enterprise Planning at the Department of Enterprise Services   YouTube
2014 Hollie Jensen Results Washington, Office of the Governor Developing Problem Solving Capability in Others through Coaching   YouTube
2014 Pat Kohler Department of Licensing Improvements That Cross Agencies - The Role of the Leader   YouTube
2014 John Byers & Stephen Crowley Starbucks Coffee Company Learning from Behind the Green Apron   Not Recorded
2014 James Bassuk Seattle Children's Research Center Lean Tools and Successes in an Academic Research Institute Application of Principles of the Toyota Production System   YouTube
2014 Robin King & Dan Bechtol Delta Dental of Washington Legacy to Lean - Transitioning 60 years of tradition into a lean, mean relevant machine   YouTube
2014 Gordy Anderson W3group, LLC Toyota Kata Improving and Coaching your way to Success   YouTube
2014 Ken Guy, Jay McNally & Carol Basile King County Launching Lean Thoughtfully - King County Finance & Business Operations Division   YouTube
2014 Brett Cooper Integris Performance Advisors Leadership Excellence: Getting the Best from Yourself & Others   YouTube
2014 Andre Helmstetter Kone Consulting Engaging Mid-level Managers in Lean Transformation Slides YouTube
2014 Arun Kumar Kerika One Team, Many Places Creating Collaboration Networks for Distributed Workgroups Slides Not Recorded
2014 Paul LeFebvre Kocer Consulting + Engineering How Lean is Transforming the Construction and Manufacturing Industries in the Puget Sound   Not Recorded
2014 John Holbrook Insitu, Inc. Visualizing & Focusing Project Delivery Success   Not Recorded
2014 John Bernard Mass Ingenuity The Results Leader Seeing the Opportunity in Resistance   Not Recorded
2014 Tom Moore, Kelly Johnston & Nathan Johnson Mass Ingenuity & Health Care Authority The Five Keys to Executive Team Alignment   YouTube
2014 Nathan Petty & John Elshaw Department of Labor & Industries Building a Problem Solving Culture - Developing Senior Leaders' Coaching Skills   Not Recorded
2014 Carlos Venegas Lean Office Innovation Why Lean Doesn't Feel Lean:  The Problem with Launching Continuous Improvement in Government, and What to Do About It   YouTube
2014 Adam Light SoTech Advisors Using the Improvement Kata to Continuously Improve Technology Development and Delivery Slides Not Recorded
2014 Jim Benson Modus Cooperandi Lean Knowledge Work:  Learn Faster, Work Smarter Using Lean Visualizations of your Work   YouTube
2014 Shadrach White & Dennis Brooke cloudPWR Lean Processes:  How Cloud Based Systems Helped LCB Deliver the Mandate of I-502   Not Recorded
2014 Jennifer Haury CHI Francisican Health Daily Management- Learning to Lead in a New Way   YouTUbe
2014 Shawna Gilleland Enna/Uttana Leading the Lean Office Charge   Not Recorded
2014 Ben Vaught OCIO Modern Product and Service Development   Not Recorded
2014 Chris Lindstrom Ceptara Corp. Lean - Why is it Important & How Does it Work   YouTube
2014 Kirk Justus Priority Management Inc. Personal Productivity: Reducing Waste in your Personal Value Streams


2014 Debra Evans Kepner Tregoe, Inc. The Five Catalysts of Lean Implementation Success   YouTube
2014 Natalie Sayer The Blair David Company Keynote presentation: Leading Lean from the Inside Out Slides YouTube
2014 Kevin Quigley DSHS Start with Why: How DSHS Has Transformed into a Lean Organization   YouTube
2014 Wendy Korthuis-Smith Results Washington, Office of the Governor Building a Path to Results   YouTube
2014 Brett Cooper Integris Performance Advisors Leadership Excellence:  Getting the Best from Yourself & Others   YouTube
2014 LEI and Results Washington   The Lean Transformation Model:  A panel Discussion with John Shook and Friends   YouTube
2014 Brett Cooper, Darrell Damron, Hollie Jensen Integris Performance Advisors, Results Washington, Office of the Governor The Washington State Results Model Slides YouTube
2014 John Shook Lean Enterprise Institute Keynote presentation: How Lean Thinking & Practice Can Help Transform Organizations   YouTube
2014 John Shook Lean Enterprise Institute Closing reflections   YouTube