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Previous Conference Materials 2016

Year Presenter Organization Session Title Presentation slides
2016 Dean Schroeder Valparaiso University The Power of Front-Line Ideas (Keynote Presentation) Slides
2016 Peter Hutchison Accenture Leadership Lessons: what 2nd Graders Already Know (Keynote Presentation) Slides

Alfie Alvarado-Ramos
Chris Liu
Joel Sacks
Rick Garza

WA State Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Dept. of Enterprise Services
Labor and Industries
Liquor and Cannabis Board

Agency Leadership Panel: Employee ideas –they’re important and valuable No Slides Available
2016 Jim Benson Modus Cooperandi

Continuous Improvement and Personal Kanban

2016 Shrupti Shah & Wendy Korthuis-Smith Deloitte Delivering results: lessons learned from across the world Slides
2016 Brian Elms City and County of Denver No barriers to innovation Slides
2016 Chris Liu & Cheryl Sullivan-Colglazier Dept. of Enterprise Services DES- A journey to customer and team satisfaction: Busting the "Build it and they will come" myth Slides
2016 Anders Maul LiveStories How to measure performance when happiness is your metric Slides
2016 Gary Vansuch Colorado Department of Transportation Case Study: Building change capability within a large government enterprise Slides
2016 Gary Vansuch Colorado Department of Transportation Improving Lean through communities of practice Slides
2016 Brian Wakeham State of Wisconsin, Dept. of Administration Mapping your journey in continuous improvement Slides
2016 Brett Cooper & Evans Kerrigan Integris Performance Advisors Accept Your Power to Lead Slides
2016 Brett Cooper & Evans Kerrigan Integris Performance Advisors Building Better Teams Will Improve Your Lean Efforts Slides
2016 Eden Teachout Dept. of Enterprise Services Focusing on the 'g' in gPDCA to boost your problem solving skills Slides
2016 Arun Kumar & Joy Paulus Kerika & WaTech Big results with small teams: leading practices in cross-functional partnerships Slides
2016 Andres Hermosilla & Matt Waller Seattle Children's Hospital Simulation: You can learn a lot by doing the work Slides
2016 Ariana Wood & Paul Houle, Rick Garza & James Goodman, Sean Heron & Job Pangilinan Dept. Enterprise Lean Transformation Services, Liquor and Cannabis Board, King County Housing Authority Coaching leaders to create a culture of engagement and improvement Slides
2016 Karen Howells and Kelly Johnston The Howells group Leading Lean for success; how to drive out fear


2016 Vincent Stamper & Pete Laketa Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility Engaging employee creativity through Moonshine rapid prototyping


2016 Elizabeth Alley & Shelly Randazzo Virginia Mason Medical Center Lean is part of the change management equations: success= vision, motivation Slides
2016 Jeff Press & Michael Jacobson Socrata & King County Data-driven everything: The 10 plays to driving performance and impact Slides
2016 Hollie Jensen & Lean Fellows Results Washington 5 Leader Behaviors that will grow your learner and get results


2016 John Dickson Spokane County We're not robots - reorganize for speed! Slides
2016 Joshua Drollinger Dept. of Social and Health Services Agency Short Talks: Lean One-Cup Training Slides
2016 Tom Moore & Suzanne Hoffman, Annette Schuffenhauer Mass Ingenuity, Health Care Authority Accelerating results: tip for surfacing, sponsoring & sustaining problem solving Slides
2016 Norm Alberg King County How to engage and support employees in continuous improvement: stories of successes, failures, learning Slides
2016 Robert Brown Collective Wisdom, Inc. A model for change: Harnessing the Speed of Thought (HST) Slides
2016 Bob Plummer Honsha Lessons Learned from Arizona Lean Transformation - a Honsha Perspective Slides
2016 Wendy Fraser Fraser Consulting, LLC Getting Unstuck: Strategies to repair trust in groups Slides
2016 Andrew Hansen & Kathy Mullin Seattle Children's Hospital From 10,000 foot to Sea Level: Building engagement at all levels to reduce preventable readmissions Slides
2016 Ted Burley The Regional Municipality of York Building organization capacity for continuous improvement Slides
2016 Jennifer Haury All Angles Consulting, LLC Solving problems should be easy - using the 4 Step visual tool Slides
2016 Brian Kerr & Craig Fitzgerald Kone Consulting Lean Contains Multitudes: Where to Begin Slides
2016 Beck Nowlen-Baird, Tom, Cahill, Brett Jackson, Christina Webber, & Ed Schott Premera Blue Cross "Mining the Gold": Making the most of employee ideas Slides
2016 David Mort Hawes Financial Group It's a bird! It's a plan! No, it's Janice: 6 secrets to being a management SUPERHERO (You won't believe #4) Slides
2016 Chris Lindstrom Ceptara Office Lean: Staying organized and focused Slides
2016 Lauren Hudspeth, Tiffany Nguyen, & Brandi Bogosian Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Transformation design: Using Lean Internally to Help Maximize Impact Externally Slides
2016 Jody Becker-Green Dept. of Corrections Fostering collaboration and trust across divisions Slides
2016 Tracy O'Rourke & Alex Ogunji Integris & Los Angeles County Embracing employee ideas Slides
2016 Earll Murman & Jay Bakst Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Raviyah Training and Consulting Growing a Lean community: the Jefferson County Lean journey Slides
2016 Marina Parr & Jim Parker Washington Workforce Board Short Talks - State Agency Panel: Learning to Lean through "Baby Steps" Slides
2016 Karl Kraber Employment Security Dept. Lean is not an event Slides
2016 Michael DeAngelo WaTech Can evolving past the hierarchy make us more efficient? Looks that way Slides
2016 Fisher Qua & Charley Haley Back Loop Consulting Pin the Tail on the Donkey: Measuring the complexity of Lean improvement efforts Slides
2016 Allyson Brooks & Morgan McLemore DAHP Short Talks- State Agency Panel: Washington Information System for Architectural and Archeological Data (WISAARD) Expediting the Regulatory Process through Technology Slides
2016 Lila Kirkeby & Linda Kleingartner Washington State Patrol & T.A.S. State agencies work better together Slides